Sara Popovich Design

Sara Popovich

graphic designer


Hi I'm Sara!

I am a born and raised Ohio girl, who found out that I had a knack for art during my junior year of high school. With a little help from my loving parents and an amazing art teacher, I followed my dreams and attended Columbus College of Art and Design. 

Through the long nights, breakdowns, and mishaps I have developed into the designer I am today. I graduated with a BFA in Advertising and Graphic Design. I am very excited to see where my art will take me! 

I live life in bright colors. My heart is always drifting to the beach. A caramel latte and a bag of sweets is all I need to put a pep in my step. I love spending time with my  family and friends. A good book will always transport me to wonderland and I'll never rest until that 1,000 piece puzzle is complete (yes, I'm a dork). I also might be the only Italian, who does not enjoy Italian's true. 


Fun Facts!

Favorite number - 3

Favorite Color - Aqua!

Favorite Artist(s) - Andy Warhol and Alexey Brodovitch

Favorite Font - As of now Avenir, but its always changing


Something not many know - On my 21st birthday, I swam with the dolphins! It wasn't just any dolphin it was Flipper's (the movie) grandson!

Scary but true - I had the pleasure of meeting Stefan Sagmeister and had him critic my work! yikes!!