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Shopping Spree

The other day, I received an email saying that I won a shopping 1,000 spree to C.Wonder. How did I win this you might ask? Well, it all started when me and my sister went to see the grand opening at C.Wonder in Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. When we were there, they were about to pull a ticket for the drawing that they were about to have. The funny thing is that my sister won that and got to spin the wheel to win a free item from the store. Now fast forward a couple weeks to last Friday, when I received the email. Of course I accepted and was shopping on that Sunday! I was able to get two pairs of wedges that were oh so cute! A fun brown leather clutch/purse! A bunch of their great jewelry and two pairs of skinny jeans that fit perfectly!

I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to the people at C. Wonder for helping make this amazing opportunity happen for me!! 

photo 1 copy.JPG
photo 2 copy.JPG

The search is still on!

Since graduation in May, I have been on the hunt for a job! Yes, it has been stressful and I have had some down moments but I still have hopes that the perfect job for me is out there! (you can come out of hiding whenever, I am ready to start my professional career!)

In the meantime, I have been doing small project and doing things that I love! To name a few things I have been doing a lot of silk screening trying to get an etsy store booming! I also recent made postcards (seen in my last post) to hand out to help people get their parties started!!! 

I also have been shopping of course! (my love) Retail therapy is the key to happiness, sometimes! My goal is to recreate outfits that I have been posting on my "Pinterest Closet" board. Since I have a closet bursting with clothes waiting to be worn, I am going to style new outfits and start posting my favorites! So stay tuned to see some killer looks! 


Style out: Outfit 1


This outfit is the perfect daytime look for those casual days in the sun! The look consist of oh so comfy, ash colored TOMS, a throw back to the 80s/90s with a white crop top from Forever 21, high-rise festival, maroon colored shorts from American Eagle and to complete the look, a long owl pendant necklace. This outfit will sure to keep you cool this summer! Stay tuned for more looks and style!

Etsy Store Opens Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow I am opening my Etsy Store!! Stop by and check it out. There will be hand made wooden coasters with silk screen patterns on it! I also am opened to make invites/announcements for any party!!! 

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the products! 

Etsy Store in Progress!


As the search for my first job is still in progress, I decided to do something I always loved to do.

I have been silkscreening posters! I hope in the upcoming week or next week to open my Etsy Store (DotsandDesign). I hope to sell posters, invites and anything else my clients would like! So if anyone will like something fun and creative, contact me! 

*The image is the first set of posters in the poster series. The finished result had three fun colors to it.

The countdown is over!

Today I can finally say that I am officially done with college!! Four years ago today, I was counting down the days to finally say goodbye to good ol' Poland Seminary. That summer I enter a campus, an art school campus. I did not know what was in store for me. To say the least I was that nervous freshman.

photo copy 2.JPG

Through out my 4 years I learned you should never be surprised at what you see at an art school and to pull inspiration from anything and everything around you. CCAD has been like family. With every student trying to make a name of themselves in such a competitive field. Spending many late nights in labs and working through the blood sweat and tears (literally). For those who survived the Harvard size homework pile during freshman, today we all can say that it was worth it! In these past years many projects were made, stressful tears were shed, only one late night ER trip (stitches) and most importantly many friends and memories were made!

I am so incredible thankful that my parents pushed me to go to CCAD. I had the most amazing 4 years as well as so many great opportunities. I feel very accomplished and that I can say I worked very hard to get to this point! Not sure, what I am going to do with all this free time!! I have been so use to saying "sorry I can't I have homework" but today I will no longer utter those words. It has been an emotional, stressful and creative four years at CCAD.

I MADE IT!!! =)

Last week of School....ever? What!

photo copy.JPG

Today is the last week of my college career and I pick up my graduation cap and gown! Im in shock! I have been waiting for this moment for a while and now that it is finally here I doesn't even seem real! 

Me, being super busy these last couple weeks I really haven't had time to even think about it! Once next Saturday comes (graduation day!) I feel like it will finally set in (maybe?).  I don't know what  the next chapter will bring for me but I am very eager to find out!! 

Chapter 13: The End

This past weekend was the first ad/graph thesis at CCAD. Which in my option went awesome!!  I was nervous to see how others would react to my piece but after the Friday's sneak peak I was very excited to be showing my thesis. On Saturday I was proud to show my thesis to my family and friends. Which they were proud as well!

Since my thesis was an interactive and I was unveiling the truth behind Disney tales that everyone knows, it was very interesting to see reactions. During Saturdays gallery, I stayed by my table to help explain and show my thesis to the viewers. By the end of the night I felt like I explained it more than 100 times!! I am glad I stayed by my table during the  gallery because it was fun to see others reactions. The tale that shocked the most was Sleeping Beauty. There was also little kids wanting to see my thesis, which I had to warn their parents prior to view. Overall it was a great experience and I am glad I picked to unveil the hidden and dark truths of 5 popular Disney tales.

(below is a picture of my thesis as well as people interacting with it)


Chapter 12: Three Days to Go

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 11.16.19 AM.png

In three days the thesis show will be completed and hung up. My posters are printed and my overlays are done! All that is left to do is mount the posters, glue the books and upload the overlays! I am very happy with how my project turned out and can't wait to hear feedback.

For my thesis I unveiled the dark and hidden truths of 5 popular Disney tales. 

Chapter 11: In the home stretch

This week for my thesis I finished and created all three of my posters. Did three overlays. Plus a ton of other homework. All that is left to do is two more overlays and print my posters. Which all my posters will be printed and done by Friday!!! Only a week till the big show!!! 

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 11.15.59 AM.png

Come one Come All!!! To the first ad/graph thesis show!!!

SNEAK PEEK : Friday, April 26th 6PM-8PM

GALLERY TIME: Saturday, April 27th 12PM-8PM

CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 27th 6PM-8PM
(Light refreshments)

Loann Crane Center for Design

3rd Floor
112 Cleveland Ave,
Columbus, OH 43215

Chapter 10: Almost There

For this past week, I have been busy working on all sorts of projects! For my thesis I ended up getting two more overlays completed. So all I have let is Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping beauty to make the overlay. After those are completed I will put it into the app program and finish up my thesis. I also need to finish my posters! Which Is on my goal for this week. Other then that there is no other news to report about my thesis. Around 16 more days till the Thesis show!! 

Chapter 9: Work pays off

This week and weekend was a big week for my thesis!! Since I changed my thesis on the way I was going to produce it, I had to order a couple books. Which, I was glad to see in my mailbox the other day.


I am also very proud and excited to say, after two hours of trying to get my overlays and triggers images to work through the Aurasma app I finally got it to work!!

One story down, four more to go and one and a half posters to create and only 24 days to do it!

Chapter 8: A rocky start

So since my last thesis post, there has been a few changes in what my final product will be! Yes, it was stressful at first changing but now I believe its for the better.

For my final piece there will be five gold classic books (the ones we all had when we were little) of the fairytales. This way it makes the viewer think "Hey I have this book at home" let them get a bigger response/ greater impact from the thesis. However, since I had to find the books and order them I have not had a chance to produce the overlays to the trigger images. So in the meantime I changed around my schedule and started to work on my posters for my thesis.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.07.43 AM.png

Chapter 7: Start of Production

Production has began for thesis!!!

photo 1 copy.jpg

This week I have received the green light. I also set up a schedule to keep me on track to produce all the parts to my thesis. My main priority is to get the book completed by the first week in April. This way I can get it printed before the thesis show.

By the end of this week my drawings will be final and edited and ready to be placed into the book. I also will be picking out the fonts and collecting all the stories. 

Chapter 6: the long road ahead

This week I was excited to find out that I was accepted to use Aurasma. I am still talking to a teacher who has worked with Augmented Reality so he is helping me figure out which is the best route to go about making my fairytales sketches change appearance through your phone.  

This week I plan on sketching out what the book will look like and sketch out what the images will be. I do plan on using a older Disney style feel to portray the fairytale sketches.