Sara Popovich

I've been JAMMED!

Not only was this past Monday a great day for Ohio State football! Go Bucks! But it was an exciting day at work for me!

While I was sitting in the cafeteria having lunch with my co-workers and being entertained by the game of Buckeye bingo that was being played to get everyone excited for the game I was totally caught off guard when my name was called up to accept a prize that I won for a raffle. Weird thing was I never put my name into a raffle so I was so confused but I listen to the announcer, Robyn and went up to the front of the cafeteria in front of around 70 people all cheering for me.

Robyn stopped the bingo game to give me a tribute to say that I was getting Jammed!!!!

[JAM is an associate-based award that is passed from associate-to-associate every two weeks. JAM serves as our internal instrument for praise, presented to a fellow associate for doing something terrific and/or something that is a good reflection of our culture.]

Robin then went on to tell me why I was being honored. “Sara has been with us less than a year, so this was her first holiday season with us. She’s no stranger to edits and tight deadlines, but we all know that the crunch time during the holidays makes everything a little crazier. Within the two weeks prior to Christmas, Sara designed and laid out five different signage kits. A kit includes several versions of sign size and content, making it close to about 100 signs. And all of this was turned in less than 72 hours. Throughout the entire process she was a terrific partner to the marketing operations team and kept a positive attitude through the myriad of changes and feedback provided. So for all of this, and more, I’m honored to present JAM to Sara Popovich.”

Through this whole ambush jamming I was in total shock and a bit embarrassed, I could feel my hands shaking! I am honored and very excited that I was chosen to get JAMMED!! Hard work really does pay off and is recognized.

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