Sara Popovich

Chapter 13: The End

This past weekend was the first ad/graph thesis at CCAD. Which in my option went awesome!!  I was nervous to see how others would react to my piece but after the Friday's sneak peak I was very excited to be showing my thesis. On Saturday I was proud to show my thesis to my family and friends. Which they were proud as well!

Since my thesis was an interactive and I was unveiling the truth behind Disney tales that everyone knows, it was very interesting to see reactions. During Saturdays gallery, I stayed by my table to help explain and show my thesis to the viewers. By the end of the night I felt like I explained it more than 100 times!! I am glad I stayed by my table during the  gallery because it was fun to see others reactions. The tale that shocked the most was Sleeping Beauty. There was also little kids wanting to see my thesis, which I had to warn their parents prior to view. Overall it was a great experience and I am glad I picked to unveil the hidden and dark truths of 5 popular Disney tales.

(below is a picture of my thesis as well as people interacting with it)