Sara Popovich

Chapter 2: "Breaking the Spell"

This week I really jumped into the pages of my research. Not only did I read countless books but I also meet with one of my mentor, who use to be my fairytales teacher as well as conduct a little survey for moms that I know. For my survey I asked the moms if they have read their children the original fairytales or told them the Disney versions and why they picked the version of tales that they did. I was very interested to hear that many just told the tales that they were told to them and most of the tales where the Disney versions. Some said they wouldn't have a problem reading the originals and others said they did not read them simply because they were to dark. 

The part of my research that made me intrigued was the fact that the stories that are being passed down today are the Disney tales. As soon as I read the answers to my survey, all these questions popped into my head.  What generation was the last to hear the original tales? Would there be a time again where the orginals will be the stories kids will hear before bed or will there be a newer one that isn't Disney? Will the original tales be something that will soon fade away?


In The Classic Fairy Tales edited by Maria Tatar, there is in insert from Jake Zipes called "Breaking the Spell". This insert talked about the magic of Disney's Tales and how they came about. As soon as I saw this and started to read it I was like this is perfect! This is the research I needed for my thesis! I finally feel that my research is coming together and I am started to see my ideas come alive. I am so excited to start production on my thesis! 

I want to say a special thanks to all the moms that helped me on my research! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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