Sara Popovich

Chapter 5: The Journey Begins

This week was a very busy homework week. Besides getting ready for the one show contest, our thesis proposals are due as well. For me this week was very productive. I meet with my other mentor for the first time to discuss the Augmented Reality part of my final presentation of my thesis. It went very well and also made me really nervous to use this new technology for the first time. Overall the meeting went great and I recieved a lot of feedback!

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 1.44.49 PM.png

As of now I will be using an app called Aurasma. Check out this video to get a feel of how the app works. You can download this app for your Ipad or Iphone for free through the apple store. 

My goal for this week is finalized what versions of the fairytales I will use and figure out what will go into each image and how the image will change. I will also start sketching out images as well as figure out the set up of my book. So much to do and only 64 days to do it!

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