Sara Popovich

Chapter 3: The Deeper Meaning

After countless hours I figured out my elevator speech for my thesis.  (8 secs, go...) For my thesis I will show the unsettling truths and the original intention of fairytales and how Disney altered the meaning.

How may you ask am I going to show this? Well there is still a couple kinks to work out. But the way I will be showing this is through a book and posters. The book with show the tales - the disney version, than you will have to download an app(sort of like a QR) and through that app It will show the unsettling original story ( Augmented Reality). There will also be some sort of movie size posters around the book to show you history, difference, and symbols. The posters will give you more of a back story and lead you towards the book.

Fun Fact from my Research:

Did you know the first and primary reason Disney made the fairytale movies were to highlight and show off the artistic side of his work and his company. His 2nd intention was to tell a story. Disney's tales was not a vehicle to explore the deeper side and history of the tales. - - - - learned from Jack Zipes "breaking the spell"

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