Sara Popovich

Chapter 1: Thesis

For the first half of my thesis I need to research, research and did I mention research! This is one of the harder parts of the thesis but once I get the background/research of the fairytales, my ideas will fall into place.(well I hope they do)

In my research I will be looking in depth at the symbolism with certain colors that show up in the fairytales, the clothing in each of the stories and what what they mean, what Disney changed when they made the fairytales into movies, and the purpose of why the fairytales were original written.

Now that I picked my topic, I need to come up with a question to ask. A statement to describe my thesis in one sentence. As of now my statement is:

How children in the 1700s grew up learning the truth in life and getting over life fears through fairytales vs the children of today growing up shadowed by the disney truth and how children of today deal with the same fears as a child. 

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