Sara Popovich

Once upon a thesis...


At the end of last semester before winter break, we were told that this was going to be the first year that Ad/Graph department would have a thesis. I thought long and hard about what it would be and what media I would use. I knew I wanted to include some kind of package, paper dimension, pop ups, cut paper and maybe some kind of fashion related pieces. After making a list of the things I liked, I knew fairytales would be the topic. 

What do you think of when you think of a fairytale? Do you think of the heroic prince saving the princess from her evil mother? A Mermaid that would do anything to live on land? The princess, who lives in the forest with seven dwarfs? For my thesis, I will transport you through the looking glass of classic fairytales and show you the true meaning that lies on every page and the reality behind Disney movies. 

A couple years ago during my sophomore year, I decided to take a fairytales class. I thought why not, I enjoyed the Disney movies that came from the classic fairytales so I basically knew the classics already. Boy was I wrong. This class exposed me to the origianl fairytales and how different they are compared to Disney.  After that class, I felt like I was lied to. Why was the Disney versions sugar coated and altered? I enjoyed knowing the truth that the classics had. They were more entertaining and they served a purpose. So through my thesis I will set your mind straight and let you know the truth.

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