Sara Popovich

The start of my last semester!

As of yesterday I started my first day of my last semester and my graduation form is turned in and approved. I feel that I am on a roller coaster of emotions. Although, the stress has not hit me yet, I feel the storm coming. I am giving it a week.

This year I am very excited to work on my thesis project (separate post to come on that matter), as well as my independent study on Paper Dimensions. However, I am a little sad that my guitar class might be cancelled but I am keeping my hopes up and my guitar in tuned. 

Besides going to school full time, being a SMAC assistant, interning 18 hours a week, I will also be applying and searching for a job (fingers crossed), and knitting when I have the time. This semester is going to be very busy and very crazy! But I am welcoming it with open arms.

[115 days till I walk across that stage] - - - yikes so much to do before.

From the words of Mr. Mohr. "Game On."

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