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You scream, We scream, We all scream for ice cream!

For my final package design project I made an ice cream kit! Who doesn't love ice cream, I know I do!

This past friday I had the opportunity to create ice cream lids for my package design class. This project took many hours. The first part of this project was to actually make ice cream (fake of course, so it didn't melt). I made the ice cream out of Crisco, powder sugar and corn syrup. After the ice cream was scooped on a wooden base, I poured a rubber mold on top of the ice cream. The rubber incased the scoop of ice cream until the rubber dried (1). The next part was the hardest; waiting 16 hours for the molds to set! When they finally set, I was ready to fill the molds will resin (2). And in 10 mins drying time for each cap, the ice cream replicas were completed (3). The last step was to print the labels, fill the bottles and photograph the final results (4).

Check out the finished project on my portfolio page!

Ice cream Kit

Ice cream Kit

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