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For a long time coming, I have been trying to find who I am and what style of designer I want to be. I finally figured out the direction of my brand! I had a real struggle the first couple times but now is a whole new ballgame! 

Unfortunately, branding one self and updating all the parts that go with it don't just happen over night. So for the next couple weeks my branding is going in a new direction! New site, new images, new work and new ideas are all in the works!

I am so excited and can't wait to see my brand unfold before my eyes (and yours)!! =)

Teaming Up!

I am happy to announce that I have recently partnered up with a good friend and one hell of a photographer to produce and design wedding/shower invites and paper goods! A one stop shop to ease the mind and stress of any bride-to-be during her wedding planning.

We have many exciting new projects up ahead! Can't wait to show and share them with you! Here is a sneak peak at our latest collaboration! Enjoy! 

The search is Over!!

I am so happy to say that, this girl has found her first big girl job!!! As of Monday it will be my first day at Tween Brands as the production artist!!! I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life! My team as well as my work environment seems like the perfect place for me! It is so bright and so girly! I just love it already!!! 

It has been a crazy week and a half. Between finding out that I got the job, to finding an apartment to live, to packing and moving to now starting my new job in a coupe days! Its so surreal! I feel like I haven't had a chance to take a breath and realize that this is what I worked so hard to get and I am incredible thankful for this amazing opportunity! 

Style Out: Outfit 2

I know I have been behind with posting fashion pictures. But starting now I am going to post a weekly fashion pic! I will be posting items from my closet that are my favorite pieces!! 

Today I decided to show this awesome cameo jacket that I got from Express. This jacket is great for layering and it gives you that edgy look. These killer " combat"boots are from Roxy! I love the distressed color and canvas fabric of these boots! 




Some people might know what a Hamsa is and the rest of you might be wondering what the heck it is. Well a hamsa is an Arabic belief  and sign of protection or defense from the "evil eye".

Me, being Lebanese and a true believer of protection of the "evil eye" I decided to make a drawing round it. In this drawing you will see the hamsa pointing to the aries symbol aka the ram(which I am). An aries is someone who is strong, a leader, independent, bold courageous, and enthusiastic. The main design in the drawing is focused in the hamsa, since It shows the energy that the hamsa holds.

This drawing is done on watercolored paper with Microns and took roughly 2hours.

photo copy.JPG

A drawing a day, is what the doctor ordered

So lately I have been feeling kind of down and I wanted to try something that I was never really good at. It is really hard for me to sit down and just draw in a sketch book. but lately I have been having the urge to. Plus, I really miss how creative I was Freshman year of college. I was always painting and drawing and making art.

So went an bought a watercolored paper sketch book(I like the texture) and micron pens and decided I am going to force myself to draw and that is exactly what I did. This drawing took roughly 3 hours.




Creating like a Cake Boss

Since I have been home, one of the things I have enjoyed doing has been helping out my cousin with her cake business! Coming from a girl that has a serious sweet tooth, its been great to put my creative skills into something that I love.  

If you need a cake and in the Youngstown area check out Jennie's Cakes on Facebook! 


Testing out the Wacom!

Yesterday, my dad got me a gift! A new intuos wacom tablet! I absolutely love it and so thankful that my dad bought me this AWESOME gift!  Can't wait to create and draw!

**Drawing: A Pink and Blush Peony for this sunny Tuesday afternoon**


Wine, Wine... Wine some More


About a year ago I painted wine glasses for my friends 21st birthday! I thought this would be a fun and creative gift to give her. With a bottle of wine, of course. It was not until recently that these wine glasses resurfaced that made me want to paint some more!  


**New pictures to come** 


Shop ETSY!

I am pleased to say that I have had a handful of orders on Etsy for cards since I have opened my shop! It feels so great as a designer to hear all the positive feedback! Remember if you have the party, I have the design!

Thank you for all who have ordered!